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Sea sponge general info Sea sponge general info

The sponge was first mentioned in the works of Aristotle, Homer and Plato. Since ancient times, the life and culture of Kalymnos Island has been linked to this sea creature. Due to this fact, Kalymnos even to nowadays is known as the "Sponge Diver's" island. Sponge diving has long been a common occupation in Kalymnos and sponges were the main source of income of Kalymnians, bringing wealth to the island and making it famous throughout the Mediterranean.

Even today, sponge diving, with all its traditions and history still forms the very soul of the people of this island. A celebration called “Sponge Week” takes place on the island each year one week after Easter, to honor the relationship between the people of Kalymnos and the sea sponges, which are also known as “Kalymnian gold”. On these occasions, people sing, dance and eat traditional food.


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