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About us

Our company has been engaged in the processing and wholesale of sponges since 1930. We are the largest sponge exports company in Greece, we process several thousands of kilos every year and we can fulfil any order, no matter how big it is.

Generally, sponges originate from the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Philippines and the Gulf of Mexico. We specialize in the Mediterranean sponge, which is characterized by its great durability, exquisite quality and special characteristics.

Our basic products are "Honeycomb", "Silk" and "Elephant ears" types of sponges, which originate from the Mediterranean Sea (the Aegean Sea and the North Coast of Africa) and are considered to be the most widespread species.

Natural sea sponges

Our export activity stretches all over the world and we supply the largest firms involved in the sponge trade.

We combine the great quality of and the really competitive prices of our sponges, with the aim to offer our customers major satisfaction.

Important: Sponges from other origins do not differ much from the Mediterranean sponges, as far as appearance is concerned, a fact which could be misleading. Therefore, it is very important that you always ask for the best and most reliable suppliers.

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